Contact Request Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce Customer Contact Requests is another cool feature to enhance your customer’s experience in dealing with your company. It lets your customers submit a request for someone to get back to them. This way, there is no need for the customers to call your company, be kept on hold, and wait endlessly.

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  • Create a Contact Request Flow
  • Add Contact Request Flow to the Community
  • Allow Guest Users to Submit Contact Requests
  • Test Contact Requests

Create a Contact Request Flow

Go to Setup and search Customer Contact Requests

Click New Flow

Provide the Name, Description and Click Next

Click arrow to move Selected Reason

Assign a user or a Queue to own request

Flow is created

Add Contact Request Flow To Community

Go To Digital Experience and open the community

Click Builder

Click Component

Select Contact Request Button and Flow and Drag  on the page

Fill out the button Label and connect the Contact Request Flow also adding styles

You can customize the button as per your wish

Then publish the site

Allow Guest Users to Submit Contact Requests

Go the settings

Enable the public cccess

Copy the Community Url

Click The Guest Profile link

Enable the paused flow

Click Settings and click the Activate Community From the Administration

Create a Sample Contact Request

Open the community URL in another browser

Click the button “Request Help”

Go to Setup and Type Contact Request

Contact Request  is Created

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