Who do you call an engineer with an innovation? The Solution provider.

Welcome to the software world, where everything comes to lively digitization.

Customer Centric

Being our client means everything to us. We provide the solutions for you challenges with efficient digital experience that drives your business.


Data privacy and integrity is cent percent guaranteed. We understand the importance of your data, and we always follow the protocols as your business.


Digital Transformations needs lot of money is a myth. We transform your legacy system to modern in your budget with right platforms and right solutions.

About Us

MISSION: To ease the work and to grow our customer’s business through our products and services that give efficient user experience and complete solutions through web development, mobile app development, salesforce CRM development, and software development.

VISION: Building applications and solutions to satisfy the business needs with greater experience and to be fully functional


Interacting our customers with responsible actions and delivering the quality of service provided.


Innovate solutions through latest technologies that automates and manages the business solutions hassle-free.


Impact the customers through positive results that enhances and improves their day to day business.

Our Industrial implementations

Our industrial based solutions work efficiently like a matrix along with the features and the innovations implemented.


Building telecommunication systems with efficient customer management, Procurement management , Workforce management, and Knowledge base management.


E-Commerce solutions includes Product Management, Cart Management, Resource Management, Invoice, and Sales order management


Higher Education solutions for colleges, universities, online course modules and the functional implementation serviceable to students, the professors, teachers and other users with ratings, feedbacks, and document maintenance.


Manufacturing solutions include material management, product management, asset management, and resource management.

Our Services

Software As Service

Hotel booking, Inventory Management, Invoice generation, eCommerce applications, End to end delivery solutions.


API, AWS, Salesforce, Dropbox, Cloud database, O-auth integration, Payment integration, Social media integration

Salesforce Implementation

Configuration, Customization: Apex, Triggers, Aura & LWC components, Asynchronous Apex, Data Loading & Migration, Integration

Mobile Solutions

Android – (Java) , iOS – (Swift) Native applications.

Cloud Solutions

Heroku applications, AWS services, Google Cloud Platform services.

Our Delivery model

Etiquette’s delivery model is a well defined process that bridges our customers and their success.


Firstly, the discussion involves about the business requirement, understanding the pain points of our clients, and the challenges in the digital solution.


Secondly, To build a proof of concept and explore the solutions, suggestions, demonstration, iterative development, and enhance the solutions provided that meets the business solution.

Release & Support

Finally, To plan for the user acceptance, planning the release, and identify risk and the mitigation plan. To provide the extended support after release.

Our pricing model


3 Weeks max

  • Company Setup
  • User Setup
  • Lead Management
  • Sales cloud setup

6 Weeks

  • Basic Setup
  • Service Cloud setup
  • Case Management

6 Weeks

  • Premium Setup
  • Extended configuration
  • Customization

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