HTTP Callout Using flow

This article will teach us how to make HTTP callouts using flow. 

Step 1:  Create a permission set

To create a permission set navigate using quick find 

Quick Find → Permission set → New.

After creating the permission set assign it to yourself or any user that tests this functionality.

Step 2: Create an External credential and a Named credential.

First, create an External Credential, 

Quick Find → Named Credential → External credential → New.

Give a label and name and select the authentication protocol(choose the protocol based on the requirement). 

After creating the external credential create a named credential and in authentication select our external credential created for callout, Enable the toggle for callouts then save.

Assign the named credential to the permission set by clicking on edit and add your named credential using the dual list box.

Step 3: Create the Flow to make the HTTP callout.

In the screen flow go-to flow actions on the bottom, we can see the Create HTTP callout option click on it.

Fill in the name field and on the named credential dropdown select the appropriate that we created  Named credential.

After clicking on the next button select the method and set the path of the URL 

Provide an example response or connect for Schema to get a response.

 Add a screen element to the flow to display the response.

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