Communicate Unrelated Component Using Aura Component

We can communicate unrelated components using application event. Application events are handled by any component defined by[…]

Page Layouts in Salesforce

Example:   layout types:             There are two types of layouts in the salesforce. Compact layout: Example[…]


ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It is based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained[…]

Contact Request Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce Customer Contact Requests is another cool feature to enhance your customer’s experience in dealing with your company. It[…]

Salesforce Best Practices

Do not write SOQL and DML Operations inside loop statements: A common mistake that developers do, is[…]

Streaming API in Salesforce

When to use Streaming API Use Streaming API to receive near-real-time data streams based on changes in[…]

Health Check in Salesforce

What is a salesforce Health check? The Salesforce Health Check is a tool that rates the overall[…]

Salesforce DevOps Center

DevOps Center is a modern change management and releases management tool which is natively in Salesforce. It[…]

Automating / Integrating Digital Payments

What is Digital payment? Digital payments are the transfer of cash as numbers between accounts. where no[…]

Build a flow to make dependent picklist editable

Solution Description: Based on one picklist’s selected value, another will be displayed. The dependent picklist screen component[…]

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