Einstein Chatbot

Einstein Chatbot Implementation:

1.We must enable Chat in our org before enabling Einstein Bot. Go to Setup, in Quick find search Chat, then select  Chat Settings. Click Enable Chat.

2.To use our Einstein bot, we must connect it to a Chat implementation or a Messaging channel. We can also connect both together too.

3.Now Navigate to Setup and search for Einstein Bots in the Quick Find box.  And Click on the toggle to Enable Einstein Bot.

4.Then click on “New Bot” to create our Chatbot.

5.Select the type of our bot, Standard Bot or Enhanced Bot.

6.Standard Bot is feature parity. In Enhanced Bot, rich content preview is not available. This means our Enhanced Bot can only display text content when using Salesforce Chat.

7.We use Enhanced Bot here for example.

8.Select Start from Scratch since this is the first Bot in our org.

9.Select a Name and Language for our Bot.

10.Now give a welcome message and quick action to your customers.

11.Click Next.

12.Click Proceed.

13.Click on finish.

14.This is what our bot looks like after activated.


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