Layouts in Salesforce

Page layout:

  • Page layout is one of the concepts of Salesforce.
  •  It was used to customize and design the UI page.
  • The page layout assigns the buttons, fields, visual force, custom links and related lists to our needs.


  layout types:

  There are two types of layouts in the salesforce.

  1.  Compact layouts.
  2. Mini layouts.

Compact layout:

  • Compact layout is one of the types of layouts.
  • Compact layout was used to show the display’s key (or) record fields.
  • It shows the minimum required and then important details of the record are needed.
  • Compact layout also controls records and details in the salesforce mobile app and desktop apps.

Example of Compact layout:

  • Compact layout support all field types 
  • But, it can have a minimum of 10 fields.

Mini layouts:

  • Mini layout is another type of layout.
  • Mini layouts are displayed to users with a little bit of information (or) small record previews.
  • Once the mouse pointer is hovered over the record name the layout will be displayed.

Example of Mini Layouts.

Search Layouts:

  • Search layout was used to show the important information with records in the display.

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