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Salesforce Devops Center

Salesforce Launches DevOps Centre to Accelerate Development and Shorten Release Cycles.

  • It’s a modern change management and release management tool.
  • It available natively in salesforce.
  • It provides an end-to-end Experience allowing developers and admins to work together to build and deploy salesforce applications.
  • It’s a point and click interface allows you to manage environments, easily track changes seamlessly integrate with source control systems and perform deployments.

Installation and Setup:

  • Go to setup, in quick find search Dev Hub and verify source tracking in developer and developer pro sandboxes is Enabled.
  • In quick find, Search DevOps center  and make sure that DevOps center is enabled.
  • After enable, Accept License agreement popup will Shown, and click Accept.
  • Install DevOps center package, select install for admins only.
  • Approve Third-Party Access popup will shown,verify the checkbox is selected and click continue.
  • And proceed with Done.

Creating Connected App:

  • In Setup, Quick Find Search App Manager, And click New connected App.
  • Enter the details, and click Save.

Assigning Permission Set to the Connected App:

  • In Connected App, Click Manage ,In Permission Set Select Manage permission Set.
  • And Select Sf_devops_Named_Credentials.
  • Save.

Permission Set Along with DevOps Center:

Permission SetDescriptionAssign To
DevOps CenterBase Permission SetAll DevOps Center Users
DevOps Center ManagerAccess and permission needed to set up projects, environments and usersTeam Manager/ Project mangers
DevOps Center Release ManagerPerform promotions through yhe pipelineRelease Manager
Sf_devops_Initialize EnvironmentsManage Connections to work environmentTeam Managers/ project Managers
Sf_devops_Named_CredentialsGrand access to the named crendentials needed to authenticate to environmentsAll DevOps Center Users
  • Going to my user record and Click Permission set Assignments.
  • Assign all these permission sets to my user account.
  • Click Save.
  • In App launcher, Search DevOps center and Select DevOps center.
  • In right Corner, Select New Project. Popup will be shown Click Connect to GitHub and give your Credentials.
  • It Shows Authorize GitHub is successful.
  • Provide a Project name And Repository name.
  • Click save.

Add Release Environment:

  • Click Add Release Environment and provide Environment Name and Select what kind of environment.
  • Select production org and Login. And its Shows Production environment login Credential – click Login.
  • Click Allow, and it connected to your production org.

Add Development environment to the projects:

  • In all environment under click the Highlighted link.
  • After Clicking the Add Button, it will take you to the next step.
  • Enter the Environment Name.
  • Select the Type of the org. (Production/Scratch/Sandbox).
  • Check the checkbox used for development.
  • Click log in.

Finally, your page looks like this,I have added DEV1 and DEV2 Environment.

DevOps center App has been successfully Configured.

Work Items:

Work item is a ticket that is used in DevOps center to track the work process to achieve a specific Goal.

In left side corner, Click Work Items.

Click New work Item Button.

And assign a Work Item to Particular user and click on save.

 According to the Work Item, Created a New Custom Field on Account Object.

And Push these changes From github.

By clicking Proceed, It will Create Branch in GitHub.

By Selecting Changes ,And Click Pull Changes.

  • Click Create Review,it will create a Pull Request.
  • And now pull request has been created.
  • You can see the pull request in branch (gitHub)
  • Click pull requests and then merge pull requests. Click confirm merge.
  • Next, Enable Ready to Promote. Mark the work item as "Ready to promote"
  • Now click Pipeline,you can see your work item its ready to move to higher environment.
  • Click Complete Promotion.
  • You can see the Deployment in the sandbox.
  • You will receive a popup message that promotion is successful.


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