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What is Salesforce Nonprofit CRM Software?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software is an end-to-end platform that is designed for fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other nonprofits entities to expand their reach digitally, deepen their connections with the people, streamline their internal management by keeping track of the people they work with, and break down the silos among fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams. It gives organizations as well as NGOs a unified view of their ongoing operations and activities.

Why is it called Non-Profit?

The one common condition is not paying out profits (“no part of the organization’s net earnings can inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual”); hence the term, “non-profit”.

Benefits of Salesforce for Non-Profits:

1. Keep Nonprofits More Organized:

The fundamental benefit of using Salesforce for nonprofits is to cut the clutter and create more actionable tech plans in more organized. How? The nonprofit Salesforce cloud comprises built-in functionalities that help NGOs to create and design customized workspaces for every individual involved. Non-profits usually face difficulties in managing their activities like fundraising, grants, or workforce. Here Salesforce helps them to overcome these challenges. The Nonprofit Cloud platform allows to build personalized dashboards for various teams to help workforces manage and perform their jobs easily.

2. Boost Operational Efficiency:

Another significant reason for opting Salesforce nonprofit CRM is the dramatic increase in the operational efficiency of the workforce. It helps in establishing a robust communication relationship among the workforce and various partners of the nonprofits. The enhanced communication and the positive growing synergy lead to a rise in operational efficiencies, which ultimately helps achieve the targeted goals in set times.

3. Customization:

One of the leading reasons for using Salesforce for nonprofits is the customization option. The Nonprofit cloud software allows NGOs to customize the features as per their routine operational requirements. However, most nonprofits have the same working paradigm; some have different missions and unique requirements. Here, Salesforce customization works as a blessing for them; this option lets them customize the standard features and functionalities that easily help them achieve their distinct targets.

4. Accurate Reporting:

Reporting is an essential part of every nonprofit organization; they require keeping and reporting their fundraising activities, programs, seminars, donations, and other work accurately. Keeping these reports accurate and updated is highly essential because it significantly impacts their outcomes and missions. Hence, opting Salesforce for reporting is one of the best decisions for nonprofits. This CRM software is recognizable for its accuracy and reliability, which will greatly benefit to nonprofits.

5. Immense Support:

Salesforce comes with huge community support, which means you never feel left or alone if you’ll struggle with its many features, functionalities, dashboard, or layouts. You will always be supported by experts who will help you with the best possible solutions. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud allows fundraising NGOs to ask for assistance anytime and anywhere. Whether you require technical assistance or dashboard help, its partner program will help you connect with the quick support that will assist you in managing all your queries.

6. Cost effective:

One of the most important reasons for using Salesforce for nonprofits is its affordability. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is currently helping over 32000 nonprofits around the world. “The Power of Us Program,” designed by Salesforce, helps nonprofits with affordable products and programs. As a part of the Power Us Program, the first 10 subscriptions are completely free for nonprofits. And after the free trial, the organizations can find lucrative offers at the discounted prices. This will make Salesforce a true partner of nonprofits that help them connect with their customers and broaden their reach swiftly and affordably.

Which domain is best for nonprofit?


Since its creation, .org remains the most trusted and credible domain extension for nonprofits.

Who really owns a non-profit?

A nonprofit organization is not “owned” by the people who start it, nor their successors in leadership. These individuals operate in a position of trust and accountability for the public at large, who, via government, allow nonprofits to operate exempt from the taxes that for-profit businesses must pay.

Salesforce Journey to Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce Journey to Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud Features:

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is an expanded version of NPSP that was created by combining features from other Salesforce applications to create a complete package to meet all Nonprofit needs to maximize their coverage with minimal resources from various Salesforce applications.

Here are just a few of these top features:

Salesforce.Org Non-Profit Cloud


Fundraising activities can be configured and followed for success, allowing Nonprofits to track event success and determine target completion at all times. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud’s fundraising functionality includes online fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising, and advanced functionalities such as matching gifts.

Case management:

Due to end-to-end data synchronization, you can provide the highest quality care and personalized service approach to each client using Case management, with real-time insights into where a client is in their journey and feedback to manage caseloads.

Marketing & Engagement Cloud for Nonprofits:

A nonprofit marketing cloud will assist you in increasing customer awareness of services and quickly improve the organization’s communication strategy. It allows you to engage your supporters and increase their interest more effectively with social media and personalized email templates for volunteers, donors, and subscribers.

Nonprofit Success Pack:

Forty-seven thousand nonprofit organizations already use NPSP as a free, open-source software package to enhance staff-customer interaction globally. It is intended to empower staff and volunteers and expand the organization’s impact.


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud’s accounting sub-ledger assists you in collecting income and expense data to optimize your accounting system and reduce the chance of misleading metrics in your reports.

Grants Management:

This feature assists in bringing all grant management sources together to keep assets up to date and optimize donor-recipient collaboration. You can combine fundraising techniques, from hosting events to cultivating long-term primary donor relationships to simply establishing an online donation form.

Reporting and Analytics:

Nonprofit Cloud offers relevant insights and built-in visual reporting tools based on your data for planning future actions by standard Salesforce Analytics. It provides a wide range of predefined Non-Profit reports such as Donor Acquisition, Fundraising Campaign Performance Reports, and others.

Best Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits:

  1. Donorbox – Donations
  2. MailChimp – Email Marketing
  3. HootSuite – Social Media
  4. Foteva – Event Management
  5. Mogli SMS- Text messaging
  6. OneCause- Charity Auctions
  7. Dropbox- Collaboration
Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits:


  • The recurring donation platform provides nonprofits with a better donation checkout process directly to Salesforce, where it immediately adds new donors or donations.
  • Donorbox integrates with Nonprofit Success Pack, allows you to analyze more useful donor data, and encourage more donors to subscribe to recurring contributions.
  • The system allows donors to pause, grow, or decrease donation amounts at any time.


  • Hootsuite software assists nonprofits post on time and scheduling publications to nearly all leading social media networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • You can follow accounts, assign some work to team members directly from Facebook, and the most excellent feature is researching through specific terms across several platforms simultaneously.


  • With the integration of Salesforce and MailChimp, you can manage and build MailChimp list segmentation or email campaigns based on synchronized Salesforce lead and contact records.
  • Moreover, it’s more convenient to target them with specialized and sale email content is more convenient.


  • Nonprofits can use file-sharing to bring Dropbox content directly into Salesforce records in the Sales and Service Cloud and share or upload documents inside the team and with people outside the organization.
  • You don’t have to worry about synchronization; with Salesforce, changes are made automatically and synced back.


  • The event management app effectively fits face-to-face and online events, from event websites and registrations to agendas, planning, and more features.
  • One system of Fonteva virtually manages and tracks all team workers’ data on a single screen that reflects on Salesforce and integrates e-commerce into products.


  • Auction and mobile bidding applications provide bridge the gap between “live” and “digital” by transferring donor data to and from Salesforce (importing and exporting contacts through Onecause campaigns) and true automation for donor outreach and management.
  • Fundraising software by OneCause scales your event data within the budget and keeps track of data security.

Mogli sms:

  • Native Salesforce app offers to send and schedule SMS or WhatsApp to donors or supporters directly from Salesforce, optimizing conversations and inbound marketing and a convenient interface for managing multiple chats simultaneously.
  • Also, user responses can automatically qualify leads, make and update records, or start one-to-one conversations.

Who uses Salesforce for nonprofits?

American Red Cross :

As a non-profit humanitarian institution, the Red Cross provides emergency assistance to protect life and health in 187 countries with approximately $3 million. With Salesforce, it is a million times effortless to build a centralized contact list of donors, track donations and grants and organize work of millions worldwide.


Astriid it’s the charity that helps people with long-term health issues to find meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities in one Salesforce CRM Software. Astriid does everything virtually, building a list of candidates without using long application forms, communicating with partners, and taking up staff hours to conduct the campaign.


Alone its rich organization was created to help older people age at home with advocacy, coordination, and housing support. To achieve this, it uses Nonprofit Success Pack and supports each function from client service to volunteer management to fundraising, donating, and finance.


Atlanta Mission is a pleasant initiative to serve the homeless population by managing finances, programs, engagement, and volunteers in Atlanta, the USA. Almost 65 counsellors and social workers faced challenges in the previous management system; despite that, now they have a variety of spreadsheets, up-to-the-moment databases, varying results, and productive communication between staff.


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