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Field History Tracking

Field history tracking is used to see who made the changes to the field or updated or[…]

Communicate Unrelated Component Using Aura Component

We can communicate unrelated components using application event. Application events are handled by any component defined by[…]

Contact Request Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce Customer Contact Requests is another cool feature to enhance your customer’s experience in dealing with your company. It[…]

Streaming API in Salesforce

When to use Streaming API Use Streaming API to receive near-real-time data streams based on changes in[…]

How to create articles using Salesforce Knowledge Base

What is Knowledge Base? The Salesforce Knowledge base is built from knowledge articles, which are documents of[…]

Data Categories and its usage in Salesforce Knowledge

Data categories are used in salesforce Knowledge to control access to a specific set of articles. It[…]

Error log capture in Salesforce

The purpose of the error log framework is to keep track of records or system failures so[…]

Lightning Web Component (LWC) – Implement the LifeCycle Hooks – Order of execution

LIFECYCLE HOOKS: A lifecycle hook is a callback method triggered at a specific phase of a component[…]

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