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DevOps Centre

Salesforce Launches DevOps Centre to Accelerate Development and Shorten Release Cycles. Installation and Setup: Creating Connected App:[…]

Custom Settings and Custom metadata

Custom setting: Types of custom settings: There are two types of custom settings in Salesforce:  List Custom[…]

Restriction rule in salesforce:

The restriction rule makes certain records invisible to certain users. For example, if a list returns 50[…]

Streaming API in Salesforce 

The Salesforce Streaming API is used when you need to keep your external source in sync with[…]

Layouts in Salesforce

Page layout: Example:   layout types:   There are two types of layouts in the salesforce. Compact layout: Example[…]

Communicate Unrelated Component Using Aura Component

We can communicate unrelated components using application event. Application events are handled by any component defined by[…]

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