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Einstein Chatbot

Einstein Chatbot Implementation: 1.We must enable Chat in our org before enabling Einstein Bot. Go to Setup,[…]

Experience Cloud Features           

     What is Salesforce Experience Cloud? What is Experience Cloud used for? Salesforce Experience Cloud is a[…]

Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer: Salesforce Optimizer report is the feature introduced in Spring-17 release. After this updated couple of[…]

Health Check in Salesforce

                                 What is a Salesforce Health check? The Salesforce Health Check is a tool that rates the[…]

Lookup relationship And Master-Detail relationship

A lookup relationship is an object relationship method. A field that uses a lookup method gets the[…]

Unique Id and External Id in Salesforce

Unique Id     There cannot be the same employee id for two employees so when we get[…]

Field History Tracking

Field history tracking is used to see who made the changes to the field or updated or[…]

Custom Notification in Salesforce

Custom notification in salesforce is used to send a custom-made notification to the user when at the[…]

DevOps Centre

Salesforce Launches DevOps Centre to Accelerate Development and Shorten Release Cycles. Installation and Setup: Creating Connected App:[…]

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